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Will The Creditors Of Our Loved One Take My Inheritance?

Dealing With The Challenge Of Creditors

When a Loved One passes away, members of the family typically have a lot going through their minds. During this time, it is easy to forget about wrapping up the affairs of the Loved One or the family can be overwhelmed by the process.

Probate Issues (3 of 5)-Can A Landlord Collect Rent From A Deceased Tenant?

A Challenging Time

When a Loved One passes away, it can be a very challenging time for the family. During this time, details can be easily overlooked, and money can be lost. In fact, this is often one of the most important times for managing the estate.

My Stepfather Is Stealing My Inheritance!

A Tale Of A Minnesota Stepfamily

Here is a tale about a Minnesota stepfamily, which can happen all too often in reality. After Dad passed away, Mom lived by herself for a while and eventually met someone new. Six years ago, she remarried; this time to a man who was very different from her first husband. Her two adult children, Jeff and Jenny, did not get along with their new stepfather Seth, Mom's second husband.

Will My Sister's Loan From Dad Be Deducted From Her Inheritance?

Family Loans Come With A Price

When a child borrows money from a parent, especially a large amount, it is not uncommon for the other siblings to be jealous or at least curious about the family loan. However, if the loan goes unpaid before the death of the parent, this can certainly change the how the siblings feel about the money.


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