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My Stepdaughter Is Stealing My Inheritance

Blended Families Are Quite Common

It's very common to see blended families here in Minnesota today. When I say blended family, I mean a family with children from different relationships. Because there are so many blended families, people should know that estate planning for these families requires special measures.

Will The Creditors Of Our Loved One Take My Inheritance?

Dealing With The Challenge Of Creditors

When a Loved One passes away, members of the family typically have a lot going through their minds. During this time, it is easy to forget about wrapping up the affairs of the Loved One or the family can be overwhelmed by the process.

Grandpa Was A Hoarder

Dealing With A Disorganized Estate

When a Loved One passes away, it can be a challenging time for many families. Let me tell you about a Minnesota family. A couple I will call Mark and Michelle live in Shakopee. Michelle's father Samuel was an old farmer who still had his family farm just outside Mankato.

Grandma Was A Hoarder

Losing A Loved One Is Hard

After the loss of a Loved One, members of the family typically have a lot on their mind. Between planning the funeral and contacting others, there is often a lot to get finished in a short amount of time. However, sometimes the biggest challenge occurs well after the funeral.

When Couples Separate But Do Not Divorce

Unique Circumstances For Separated Couples

Every year, millions of married couples decide to go their separate ways. While their reasons may vary, some couples choose to live apart but do not go through the divorce process. Regardless of the reason, couples who separate but do not divorce can face unique circumstances if one of them passes away.

What Should I Do After Someone Dies? Part 1

My Loved One Just Passed Away, What Should I Do?

When a Loved One dies, the shock and anxiety can paralyze a family. Often things which should be done right away are ignored while the family is coping with its grief. However, preventive steps taken now can avoid regret later. Here are steps 1-5 on our Ten Things To Do In The First 24 Hours After Someone Dies series.

(Probate Issues 1 of 5) Will the Probate Court Investigate Improper Actions of the Executor?

Will The Court Look Into It?

When the executor of the estate delays on administration or does things which some of the heirs think is wrong, can the heirs call or write the court to have the court look into it? As a general matter, under Minnesota Law the court usually will not intervene in most probate cases.

Will My Sister's Loan From Dad Be Deducted From Her Inheritance?

Family Loans Come With A Price

When a child borrows money from a parent, especially a large amount, it is not uncommon for the other siblings to be jealous or at least curious about the family loan. However, if the loan goes unpaid before the death of the parent, this can certainly change the how the siblings feel about the money.

I Need My Inheritance Now

An Upcoming Inheritance

Your Dad died last month. You know that you are in line to get a sizable inheritance. While you are saddened by his death, the inheritance couldn't come at a better time because you are behind on your mortgage and need money to catch up before it goes into foreclosure. You talk to the personal representative (also known as the executor) and he tells you that it will be at least six months before all his accounts, bills and other obligations are sorted out and his estate is distributed.

Co-Executor On A Probate Split Decision

A Disagreement Over The Estate

In some instances, there can be co-executors on a Minnesota probate (another name for executor is personal representative). This is not uncommon. However, it can also pose a very serious dilemma. What happens when the co-executors disagree on how to handle the estate?


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