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Grandma Was A Hoarder

Losing A Loved One Is Hard

After the loss of a Loved One, members of the family typically have a lot on their mind. Between planning the funeral and contacting others, there is often a lot to get finished in a short amount of time. However, sometimes the biggest challenge occurs well after the funeral.

Can I Get Child Support in Probate Court?

Obligations For Child Support

All too often when a parent dies who has minor children, the custodial parent loses out on child support. This is unfortunate but it can be handled in the probate proceeding. However, time is of the essence. The parent who takes care of the child or children should be vigilant to be sure that child support is paid even though the obligated parent is deceased.

What Happens When The Personal Representative Dies?

The Importance Of The Personal Representative

The Personal Representative (also known as the Executor) is responsible for many of the activities in the Minnesota probate process, including collecting the assets, organizing the estate, distributing assets, and communicating with the probate court. While the family and friends are dealing with the loss of a loved one, this person is managing the decedent's estate. What happens, then, when the Personal Representative dies? (


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