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Celebrity estate planning mistakes everyone can learn from

Estate planning is an arduous task for anyone, celebrities included. As a society, celebrities are held to a much higher standard. They have substantial incomes and lead extravagant lifestyles that most people could only dream of. So it’s only natural to assume their finances are tightly secured. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Too often you hear about celebrities dying without proper estate plans in place. And then watch as the battle over their estate plays out in court, sometimes taking several years to settle.

7 Reasons to Begin Probate Promptly After the Death of a Loved One

Time deadlines in probateWhen a Loved One has died, family members often are absorbed by grief and don't want to think about dealing with the real estate, bank accounts and other assets of the deceased Loved One. A century ago that might be a perfectly good course. Today, that could be a bad choice for family harmony as well as the decedent's estate. Here are seven reasons to get the probate process begun soon after the death.

The Most Important Conversation With Your Parents


When we were young, our parents sat us down and talked about important subjects including family, school, friendships-and sometimes sex. Now the roles are reversed and we need to talk to our parents about their major issues of life and death.
A most important book is The Conversation by Dr. Angelo Volandes. Dr. Volandes is a physician at Boston General, who specializes in the care of terminally ill patients.

How to Keep the Lake Cabin in the Family


With the coming of spring, the family's thoughts often drift to the family cabin "Up North". Remember those sunny days relaxing at the lakeshore at your family cabin? The kids are playing in the sand or splashing in the lake. As the sun sets, you bring out the barbeque to the beach and grill hot dogs and hamburgers

Debbie Reynolds Needed Pre-Marriage Agreements

Debbie Reynolds passed away not long ago at age 84. Confession time. I must admit that as a youngster I always had a crush on Debbie Reynolds.

Her movie "Tammy and the Bachelor" in 1957 portrayed her as the beautiful and unspoiled symbol of American womanhood.

However, personally she had a disastrous marriage to Eddie Fisher who left her for Elizabeth Taylor and her later three marriages to opportunists that drained her of hundreds of millions of dollars. index.jpg

My Stepdaughter Is Stealing My Inheritance

Blended Families Are Quite Common

It's very common to see blended families here in Minnesota today. When I say blended family, I mean a family with children from different relationships. Because there are so many blended families, people should know that estate planning for these families requires special measures.

A Minnesota Family Faces Probate

Let me tell you about a Minnesota family. A woman we will call Patty is 55 years old woman and lives in Stillwater. She married Peter about twenty years ago and lived happily with him until he passed away from cancer last winter. While she cared very deeply for Peter, Elyse, his daughter from a previous marriage, was a constant headache. Elyse always seemed to be causing problems and getting into trouble while she lived in the house.

Now that Peter has passed away, her stepdaughter Elyse is saying that she is entitled to Peter's assets. Patty is scared and confused about the situation. Peter never said anything about Elyse getting his estate, but Patty doesn't know where to go to ask for help. In fact, last week Elyse and her boyfriend drove off with Peter's truck and boat.


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