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Bill Peterson Inducted As Attorney In North Dakota

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Bill Peterson, a Bloomington lawyer, was recently inducted as an attorney in North Dakota.

Bill Peterson and Chief Justice Gerald W. Vande Walle

Mr. Peterson completed the extensive application and background check processes that are required of a lawyer applicant. His main area of practice continues to be probate and estate planning law in Minnesota.

Bill traveled to the North Dakota capital of Bismarck to be sworn in by the North Dakota Chief Justice Gerald W. Vande Walle along with 67 other new North Dakota attorneys.

The ceremony occurred on September 17th, the 225th anniversary of the signing of the U.S Constitution.

In his remarks to the new admittees, Chief Justice Vande Walle advised the new lawyers to “work hard with your legal practice but maintain balance in your personal life, and with your family, and community as well.”

Mr. Peterson, who is admitted to practice in Wisconsin as well as Minnesota, and now North Dakota, said “I applied for admission to practice in North Dakota because many of my Minnesota clients have real estate and mineral rights in North Dakota.”

In the past few years, improved technology has created an oil and natural gas boom in central and western North Dakota. Petroleum reserves in the Bakken Formation which straddles North Dakota, Montana and southern Canada are estimated as twice as large as Saudi Arabia and three times the oil capacity of Texas.

“By being admitted to practice law in North Dakota as well as Minnesota, I believe I can help my clients with fuller legal services,” said Bill Peterson.