I wrote the book on Minnesota probate.

The Final Step: Closing Probate

Many assume that probate in Minnesota concludes with the appropriate distribution of assets. However, the executor or personal representative needs to file an “Unsupervised Personal Representative’s Statement to Close Estate” with the Probate Court. This document is the executor’s declaration that they have fulfilled their duties, distributed the assets and are ready to close the estate.

While our relationships with clients tend to outlast the length of the case, this is the final job that Peterson Law Office, LLC, does in the probate process. Founder Bill Peterson and the team gather and prepare final accounting records, ensure all debts were paid, and confirm beneficiaries received their inheritance. Unsupervised Personal Representative’s Statement notifies the court that the representative seeks to be discharged from their role, signaling the formal end of their responsibilities.

The Importance Of Officially Closing The Estate

Many who go through probate become impatient or frustrated. Still, performing this one final duty is essential because it provides a clear end to the probate process and releases the personal representative from their duties.

This step also protects the personal representative from future claims and disputes. By filing the closing statement, the personal representative affirms that they have acted in accordance with the law and the deceased’s wishes, thus safeguarding themselves and ensuring peace of mind for the beneficiaries.

Complete The Probate Process With Confidence

From the initial filing to the final closing statement, we understand the importance of each detail. Contact Peterson Law Office, LLC, if you’re seeking assistance with the entire probate process or have questions about closing an estate in Minnesota. Call 952-641-7312 or reach us through our convenient contact form.