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Protecting Your Wishes With A Living Will

The difficult subject of Living Wills (also called Health Care Directives) now crosses the minds of many Americans. Unfortunately, it often only crosses one’s mind in the sense of “that’s something I should do someday.”

For those proactive clients, Peterson Law Office offers proactive legal representation. We regularly work with clients who are wondering if a living will is right for them and, if it is, how to put together one that will protect their wishes effectively if challenged in court.

Incorporating The Features That Address Your Concerns

Few people understand that they are six times more likely to be disabled than they are to die in any given year. For that reason, a living will is necessary to designate which medical procedures and medication you want and which ones you don’t.

Our office can provide you with answers to your questions about those and other difficult issues. When we put together your living will, you will know you are relying on the judgment of an attorney with more than 45 years of experience.

Our significant experience in estate planning and probate matters means we have the seasoned legal skills you can depend on when determining the features of your living will. We have dealt with many families who have had to deal with these questions and we can provide you with the benefit of the insights we have gained from helping so many other people.

To do that, we work with you on a one-to-one basis in order to learn your unique needs. We take that information and craft the living will that will best protect you.

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