I wrote the book on Minnesota probate.

Has Your Loved One Passed Away In Minnesota?

Navigating the probate process can be a stressful experience for anyone in the midst of grieving a loved one’s death. If you live out of state, probating an estate in Minnesota adds another layer of difficulty to this situation.

At Peterson Law Office, LLC, we have you covered. Our Bloomington law firm represents Minnesota residents, out-of-state beneficiaries, heirs and other interested parties who need assistance with settling an estate. Our founding attorney, Bill Peterson, has led hundreds of individuals through the probate process. He has written a book based on the insight he has gained over his decades of service.

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Helping You Settle An Estate In A Timely Fashion

When you turn to us for help with your probate matter, we will examine your loved one’s estate to determine whether it needs to be probated. In Minnesota, not all property or assets need to go through probate. If your loved one is listed as co-owner on a title or shared a bank account with another individual, neither needs to be probated. Other assets and property may be exempt, which is why it is critical to talk to us about your loved one’s estate.

You can rely on us to give you an honest assessment of your options. If probate is necessary, we will pursue the most efficient approach so that you can settle these matters as quickly as possible.

Streamlining The Informal And Formal Probate Process

State guidelines determine which estates must follow the formal or informal probate process. If the probate registrar accepts your application for informal probate, we are qualified to serve as your personal representative and will file all necessary paperwork to settle the estate without court supervision.

If your application for informal probate is denied, you can rely on our lawyer to handle all matters related to the formal probate process. Attorney Peterson has over four decades of probate experience. He understands the intricate aspects of this process and is licensed to represent clients in court hearings.

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