Let Us Help Ease The Pain During Probate

When a loved one passes away, the family suffers pain and grief – and sometimes anger and guilt. We understand that. Most of all it is a time of confusion about what to do to calm the family as well as how to wrap up the loved one’s estate.

If the estate does not need to be probated, we will candidly tell you that.

If the estate does require the probate process, we will explain the 17 tasks that need to be done, and we will see they are taken care of as efficiently and as trouble-free for you as is possible.

Among other things, these tasks include the gathering of assets, payment of bills, sale of property that needs to be done, distribution of inheritances, reporting to the probate court and, where necessary, conduct of court proceedings.

Our job is to make this difficult time as bearable for you and to do our best to provide peace of mind for you and your family.


After handling hundreds of probate cases, Attorney Bill Peterson put together his experiences and advice in a book for families going through the probate process. It is the only book of its kind that explains in everyday language what a family can expect in the probate process.

The book is designed to calm the fears of many families and explain the various steps that are involved in the probate process. It is available on Amazon although we give a complimentary copy to our probate clients.


Once upon a time, when a loved one died in Minnesota, the family was nearby, and real estate and other assets were usually located in Minnesota.

Today family members may be spread out in other states or even abroad.

Also, the deceased family member may have had recreational or retirement property in another state. Those properties need to be addressed in the probate proceedings.

When a loved one dies, the family will gather in Minnesota but usually does not want to return to Minnesota for each transaction of the estate.

We’ve got you covered if you live out-of-state and need in-state representation. Our office has represented family members in New York, California, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and many other states. In most cases, they don’t even have to come here to get the estate settled.

Of the 17 tasks that need to be done in the probate process, we can handle most of them for you and for the other ones, we’ll guide you through to try to make the probate as painless and worry-free as possible for you.


Sometimes the grief or denial causes family members to procrastinate on getting the probate under way. However, it is usually a good idea to get the probate moving along within a month or two of the loved one’s passing. Bills can mount up, possessions can disappear and family emotions can get out of hand when the delay is too long.

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