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Debbie Reynolds Needed Pre-Marriage Agreements

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Debbie Reynolds passed away not long ago at age 84. Confession time. I must admit that as a youngster I always had a crush on Debbie Reynolds.

Her movie “Tammy and the Bachelor” in 1957 portrayed her as the beautiful and unspoiled symbol of American womanhood.


However, personally she had a disastrous marriage to Eddie Fisher who left her for Elizabeth Taylor and her later three marriages to opportunists that drained her of hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Perhaps Debbie was more the naive Tammy rather than the worldly-wise Molly Brown that she portrayed seven years later.

For the hundreds of millions of dollars she lost to faithless husbands, she would have been wise to have entered into pre-marriage agreements with her spouses.

When one of our clients remarries later in life (especially when there are children of a prior marriage) we usually recommend a pre-marriage agreement that preserves the assets that the client brings into the marriage.

In order to have a legally effective agreement, the law requires certain provisions completed before walking down the aisle.

Call us before sending out the wedding invitations.