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Grandpa Was A Hoarder

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Dealing With A Disorganized Estate

When a Loved One passes away, it can be a challenging time for many families. Let me tell you about a Minnesota family. A couple I will call Mark and Michelle live in Shakopee. Michelle’s father Samuel was an old farmer who still had his family farm just outside Mankato.

Grandpa Passes Away

Last winter, Samuel passed away swiftly and unexpectedly from heart disease. After the funeral, Mark and Michelle traveled to the farm to take a closer look at the property.

When they arrived, Mark did not expect the surprises waiting for him from his deceased father-in-law. The farm had several buildings and a large barn. Inside each of them was an assortment of tools, machinery, equipment, and even exotic collectibles such as an old vending machine. There were also several collections of various items, some which seemed like they could be valuable, and some which seemed like total junk.

Evaluating The Estate

Mark was shocked by the sheer amount of items that Samuel had kept. It seemed like everywhere he went on the farm something new turned up. There were even junked cars hidden between the trunks in the tree line.

After touring the property, Mark and Michelle had several concerns about the items:

  • They were concerned that the property could not be easily secured from burglars and vandals.
  • They were concerned that any items of significant value may not be discovered before they rusted away or otherwise became damaged.
  • They were unsure how to value the odd or unique items they found; they didn’t want to sell something at one price when it was actually worth much, much more.
  • They were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of items and how to manage it all.

Mark and Michelle are feeling like many people who have found themselves in this situation. Facing these issues, Mark and Michelle also don’t want to make an irreversible mistake.

Mark and Michelle would be wise to contact an experienced probate attorney to help them deal with the estate. Additionally, they need to be certain they do not violate their obligations to other possible heirs in dealing with Samuel’s old possessions. Also, it can be a huge stress relief for them to deal with a professional during an emotional time such as this.

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