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Grandma Was A Hoarder

Losing A Loved One Is Hard

After the loss of a Loved One, members of the family typically have a lot on their mind. Between planning the funeral and contacting others, there is often a lot to get finished in a short amount of time. However, sometimes the biggest challenge occurs well after the funeral.

Probate Issues (3 of 5)-Can A Landlord Collect Rent From A Deceased Tenant?

A Challenging Time

When a Loved One passes away, it can be a very challenging time for the family. During this time, details can be easily overlooked, and money can be lost. In fact, this is often one of the most important times for managing the estate.

(Probate Issues 1 of 5) Will the Probate Court Investigate Improper Actions of the Executor?

Will The Court Look Into It?

When the executor of the estate delays on administration or does things which some of the heirs think is wrong, can the heirs call or write the court to have the court look into it? As a general matter, under Minnesota Law the court usually will not intervene in most probate cases.

(Probate Issues 2 of 5) Isn't the Probate Attorney The Lawyer For The Whole Family?

A Very Common Misconception

A common misconception that many Minnesota families have during a probate proceeding is to assume that the lawyer hired by the executor is there to represent all family members. This is not so.

Am I Running Out of Time in Probate?

Probate Can Seem Slow

Sometimes the procedures of probate seem to move slowly. Add to this the emotions of dealing with a Loved One's affairs and it can be difficult to stay on top of the tasks required to complete the affairs. This can make it easy to forget that there are time deadlines in probate. If you miss these, you may lose your rights in Probate.


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